In the French language, the verb être - which means “to be” - 
is embedded within the word theatre. 
The word humain is very close to its English equivalent, “human”.

THEATRE HUMAIN seeks to explore what it means to be human – in all of its possibilities and manifestations.  Through our work, we hope to stimulate a meaningful dialogue about the human condition:  our strengths and weaknesses, our failures and successes, our deep-rooted tendency to destroy and our infinite capacity to create.  Theatre provides a meeting point for this dialogue.  We are committed to bringing together collaborators from different artistic disciplines in order to foster a fertile exchange of ideas and to communicate these ideas in an innovative and organic theatrical language.  With the creation of new works, literary adaptations and new interpretations of existing plays, we are dedicated to gathering together audiences from diverse backgrounds and lifestyles and to telling stories that serve as bridges between the myriad cultures of our world.

THEATRE HUMAIN was founded in 2006 by Kevin McCoy, the company’s artistic director and principal creator.  In 2008, Nicolas Léger, a close collaborator since the company’s beginnings, assumed the role of producer.

The company created and presented its first production during the 2006/07 season:  AILLEURS by Kevin McCoy, a documentary theatre work about immigrants in Québec City. The performances took place at the Caserne Dalhousie and were co-presented by Premier Acte.  Winning accolades from audiences and critics alike, the play received three nominations for Quebec’s theatre awards at the 2007 Gala des Masques:  Production (Quebec City), Revelation (Théâtre Humain for its first production) and Special Contribution for the video design.  AILLEURS was remounted in 2011 and presented at Théâtre Périscope in Quebec City and at Théâtre La Licorne in Montreal.  Throughout the play’s fifty-some performances, Théâtre Humain actively promoted intercultural dialogue, understanding and tolerance, participating in events such as Black History MonthQuebec Intercultural WeekAction Week against Racism and the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

From 2012 to 2014, the company was in artistic residence at Québec City’s Théâtre du Trident, where they began creating NORGE by Kevin McCoy, a work inspired by the author’s research into his grandmother’s immigration.  Public workshops were presented at Les Chantiers (the new works section of the Carrefour international du théâtre de Québec), at the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec and at Théâtre l’Escaouette (Moncton, New Brunswick).  In March 2015, NORGE received its world premiere and ran for 21 performances at the Grand Théâtre de Québec in a co-production by Théâtre du Trident and Théâtre Humain.

The company is currently creating a new work, The Book of Wonders, inspired by the travels of Marco Polo and touching on themes related to the Silk Road and the father-son relationship. In May 2016, a public workshop was presented at Les Chantiers.  And in August 2016, Kevin McCoy travelled to Mongolia to further his research.  More exploration and workshops will occur during the 2017/18 season.