Here is a video clip of a review that appeared on the news (in French).  Please be patient while the clip is loading, the images and sound are worth the wait.

– Claudia Genel, ICI Radio-Canada / Le Téléjournal de Québec – March 6, 2015

Retrospectives of the Best Shows of 2015 (translated from French) :

Norge  –  Kevin McCoy lacked no courage in stepping alone on the big stage of the Trident, where he reflected on life’s meaning with playfulness and sensitivity.  Norge proved to be a fascinating identity quest – part documentary, part autofiction – that follows Kevin, an American living in Quebec City, who travels to Norway in order to search for the reasons that prompted his grandmother to leave her country in 1919…  Authenticity is the key word for this touching original work.  Kevin McCoy, who also directed the play, received the Trident’s 2014-15 Prix des abonnés (audience’s choice prize) for his performance.  Well deserved.”

– Éric Moreault, Le Soleil – December 31, 2015

Norge  –  For McCoy’s personal and warmhearted take on Norway.  For the simplicity and the authenticity in the telling of his family story.”

– Sara Thibault, MonTheatre.qc.ca – December 29, 2015

Norge  –  Kevin McCoy invites us to take a magnificent journey to the very heart of the Norway of his ancestors and to today’s Quebec, which he has made his home.  An emotional, intimate and touching play.”

– Robert Boisclair, Les Enfants du paradis bloguent! – December 19, 2015

And below are several excerpts from printed reviews (translated from French):

“The great strength of Norge is that it is based a true story…  Kevin McCoy passionately recreates the emotions that inhabited him during his quest, and because they are so truthful, we have the impression that he is experiencing them for the very first time. With Norge, Kevin McCoy has solidly established himself on the Québécois theatre scene. He is absolutely one to follow in the coming years.”

– Yves Leclerc, Le Journal de Québec – March 14, 2015

“McCoy’s strength is his charisma, his authenticity, and a sure sense of timing… McCoy’s new work is at once unique and sincerely touching. A play that… is good for the soul.”

– Isabelle Houde, Le Soleil – March 6, 2015

“Kevin McCoy takes us on an extraordinary journey to the heart of being human.”

– Robert Boisclair, Les Enfants du paradis bloguent! – March 7, 2015

“… we have the impression that we are being told a story by someone who is close to us, as can only happen when we spend an enjoyable evening with family or friends. With his natural ease on stage, he literally makes us forget we are watching a play… finding ourselves hanging on his every word.  Kevin McCoy’s new work is extremely moving and at times amusing as well. A must see.”

 – Francis Bernier, MonTheatre.qc.ca – March 11, 2015